We often have sports after class and I like to play _________ football.
改写句子 按括号中的要求完成改写后的句子,每个空格填一个单词。
小题1:Tom can play chess well. (改写为否定句)
Tom ___________ play chess well.
小题2:Linda took beautiful photos in the park. (改为一般疑问句)
____________ Linda ___________ beautiful photos in the park?
小题3:My telephone number is 82016351.(就划线部分提问)
___________ ___________ telephone number?
小题4:The teacher asked the boy, “Do you often do your homework with your classmates?”(改同义句)
The teacher asked the boy ________ he often _________ his homework with his classmates
小题5:To everybody’s surprise, Lin Shuhao plays basketball excellently in NBA games.  (改写同义句)
Lin Shuhao’s good performance in NBA games ____________ ____________ _____________.
Once there was an old farmer, with a horse which was almost as old as himself. He set out one morning with his son to sell the horse before it died. Father and son walked, because the farmer did not want the horse to be too tired.
  Two men on the road said, "Why are you walking, farmer? You have a horse, It's a long way to market. "The farmer thought that it was true, so he rode on the horse, while his son walked.
  Then they met two old women, "What are you doing up there, farmer? Can't you see how tired the boy is?" So the farmer got down, and his son rode instead.
  Next, an old men stopped them and said, "Why are you walking, farmer?  It's too hot for an old man like you to walk today," So the farmer got up behind his son, and they rode on.
Some time later, a young woman passed them, "Why aren't you walking?" she said, "It isn't far to the market. Let your poor horse have a rest." So the farmer, and his son, got down once again.
It is a fact that you cannot please all the people all the time.
小题1:Why did the father and son walk first? _________________________.
小题2:What does the story tell us?  _____________________
小题3:He set out one morning with his son.  (划线部分提问)
______  ______  he set out with his son?
小题4:You have a horse (否定句)
You _______   _________  a horse.
小题5:She said, "It isn't far to the market.”(改为宾语从句)
She said _______   _______ far to the market.
小题1: It’s clever of Simon to solve this problem. (同义句)
Simon is _____________ ______________ to solve this problem.
小题2: A year is divided into 12 star signs. (对划线部分提问)
_________ ________ star signs_______ a year divided into?
B. 翻译下列句子:
The boy prefers ___________ outside ________ watching TV at home.
He is patient enough _____ ______________ everything ____ us without ________ angry.
__________ ________ the students can answer the question. It’s very difficult.
Who _________ would be ____________ suitable?
小题1:The boy eats junk food three times a week. (对划线部分提问)
_______ _______ does the boy eat junk food?
小题2:Mike always watches TV on school night. (变为否定句)
Mike _______ _______ TV on school night.
小题3:There's some milk in the glass. (变为一般凝问句)
_______ there _______ milk in the glass?
小题4:James spent ten years making this amazing film.(改为同义句)
_________ _________James ten years to make this amazing film.
小题5:When does the train leave? I want to know.(合并为一句)
I want to know _______ the train _______.
小题1:Both he and I are from Beijing.,(改为否定句)
    he      I am from Beijing
小题2:The box is too big for me to carry.(同义句转换)
The box is    big      I can’t carry it.
小题3:I like this CD because I can take it to the party.(对划线部分提问)
    do you      CD?
小题4:My mother allows me to choose my own clothes.( 同义句转换)
            to choose my own clothes
小题5:I spent one hundred Yuan in buying the present.(同义句转换)
The present           one hundred Yuan
小题1:They get up early in the morning. (改为一般疑问句)
_____________ they _____________ up early in the morning?
小题2:I like action movies and comedies.  (就句子划线部分提问)
_____________  _____________ of movies do you like?
小题3:Kate asked me, “Do you know Sandy’s address?”   (改写句子,句意不变)
Kate asked me _____________ I _____________ Sandy’s address.
小题4:I can’t buy that watch because I have run out of money.  (改写句子,句意不变)
I can’t buy that watch because I have _____________  _____________ all my money.
小题5:They don’t allow students to use mobile phones at school.  (改写句子,句意不变)
Students _____________  _____________ to use mobile phones at school.
-Have you had __________ breakfast yet?
-No, not yet.[     ]
I am good at playing _______ basketball.
1. This is____useful book. I've read it for hour.
2. _____elephant is much heavier than ____horse.
3. _____doctor told him to take______medicine three times____day.
4. Let's go out for _____walk.
5. There is____woman over there.____woman is Meimei's mother.
6. ____sun rises in_______east.
7. ______Changjiang River is______longest river in_______China.
8. Are you going to do it____second time?